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Low profile packaging with air transfer technology makes Quilt extremely versatile and conformable packaging for wrapping and void fill. A great space-saving and efficient alternative for products currently packed using traditional bubble.

Product Details


  • Wrapping, conformable void fill

Save Savings - 1 skid of Quilt ≈ 1 truckload of traditional ½” bubble

Conformable - Low-pressure pillows with air transfer make Quilt extremely easy to pack into tight or awkward spaces

Puncture Resistance - Tuff blend incorporates Tyvek® construction for outstanding puncture resistance

Pair with Void Fill - Use in tandem with square air pillows or paper void fill

Target Placements

  • Replaces traditional bubble
  • A versatile solution for packing a wide product mix
  • Short ship cycles that need conformable void fill or light cushioning
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