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Square Air Pillows

AirSpeed inflatable air pillows are an easy to produce, cost effective and efficient way to provide void fill or blocking and bracing to protect products during the shipping cycle. Air pillows are stored as rolls of film and inflate on-demand to save valuable space in your packaging environment.


Stronger: 50% greater puncture resistance, stronger seals 

Lighter: Lighter weight rolls easier to handle and load

Better: Multilayer technology creates a better film using less virgin plastics with a superior carbon footprint

Elite Renew

Packaging without Compromise: Renew film doesn't compromise performance or the environment

Most Sustainable: Pregis' most environmentally friendly air pillow ever

Promotes Recycling: Renew's green tint and How2Recycle labels prompt recycling for a more sustainable future

Recycled Content: Multilayer formulation utilizes less plastic while maximizing recycled content


Excellent tensile strength: EP-Flex pillows s- t- r- e- t- c- h where others POP! 

Highly flexible: Pillows conform, nestle and protect better

Reliable: Engineered for stronger and more reliable seals

Commercial Grade

Durable: Heavy-duty performance with excellent air retention, puncture resistance and sealability

Higher yield: Pregis films yield 10 – 20% more void fill than competitive films due to minimum “skirt loss”

Non-abrasive: Soft, smooth film surface; eliminates paper cuts

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