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Packstation™ & Magazine

This ergonomically designed workstation enables packers to efficiently pack goods in a variety of ways. Available in single or double-sided versions, Packstation offers an organized work space where everything you require is comfortably available at your fingertips.​


Can be fully integrated with on-demand packaging systems, including the Packmaster Pro and Quantum XT or XTW to support your operation.

Efficient: Double sided Packstation allows two operators to work on opposite sides

Ergonomic: Designed to minimize range of motion for operator comfort

Dependable: Strong welded steel construction, hardwearing laminate worktops for long lasting performance


  • Single or double work station options
  • Adjustable height worktop and shelves
  • Integrate with on-demand systems you need
  • 120V multi-way socket bracket


The magazine holds up to 6 bundles of fanfold paper for the Quantum XTW.  A packer can easily connect each bundle of paper when loading the magazine so that they can produce up to 500 cubic ft of void fill without repacking.

Improved Productivity: Continously run void fill to keep up with even the fastest packaging operations

Enhanced Ergonomics: Less time spent loading paper into machine

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